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Here at OL, you can find everything in one place. Our purpose is elevating your way of living through a holistic 360 wellness approach. Your existence within OL will give you the chance to enjoy a combination of the below departments and services in some extend as part and in other cases as an additional treat to your agreed customized wellness plan.


Each of our Spa programs combines high-quality products and experienced therapists. This combination is the key to release any tension concentrated in your muscles and focus on rejuvenation, hydration and relaxation to achieve a radiant looking skin.

Our services at a glance:


● Therapeutic Body Massage

   (Sculpting, Rejuvenation,

   Cellulite Reduction)


● Facial Treatments

   (Hydration, Radiance,

   Deep Cleansing,

   Collagen Enhancement)


● Exfoliation

   (Dead Cell Removal,

   Enhancement of Circulation)



● Body Masks


● Signature Services


● Combined Therapies

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Despite our busy daily routines, we must offer our skin the care it needs. A dermo analysis procedure by our experienced staff, combined with the selection of non-invasive specialized facial and body treatments and the use of advanced technological equipment will offer you a smooth, healthy and radiant skin.
Facial aesthetic services:


● Dermo Diagnosis - Evaluation


● Deep Cleaning


● Acids


● RF face



● Ultrasonic Hydration


● Dermafrac


● Cool lift


● Instant Lift

Body aesthetic services:


● Dermo Diagnosis – Evaluation


● LPG Body


● RF Body


● Thermo Blanket – Fango

Hair removal services:


● Laser Soprano


● Candle Wax Hair Removal


● Radical Hair Removal

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After completing an intense and refreshing day in OL, you may want to hit our Hair and Nails Spa for a touch up, a hair treatment or even a full care of mani & pedi before going out or returning to your busy lifestyle. High-quality professional products, innovative techniques and people who inspire trust are just some elements that will make you feel like you are in the right place.



● Hair Services


● Signature Hair Treatments


● Services All about the eyes



● Manicure – Pedicure


● Makeup

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Our fitness experts will take your history and the goals you have set and will design a combined, personalized training plan. Your plan is always performed as part of a personal training session that you may enjoy in both one to one sessions or in small groups, in an internal studio or external outdoor space.



● Fitness Classes

   (Pilates | Mat, Performer, Yoga)


● Functional Personal Training

   (TRX, Cross Fit, etc.)


● Therapeutic Training



● Powerplate


● Personal Training

   (options: in Water | resistance

   focused |

   Spinning | Outdoor)

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Nutrition support is one of the most important parts in helping you reaching any goals regarding your health, appearance and feeling of wellbeing. Our nutrition expert will carefully examine your goals, your daily habits, preferences and needs and use all that to create a nutrition plan that fits you.

Diagnosis – Evaluation:


● Nutrition Plan


● Fat Measurement


● Evaluation of Free Radical


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Water is our thing. Knowing that water has been considered an elixir of youth and a source of life since ancient times, we have designed high-aesthetic spaces where you can reintroduce yourself to the liquid element and enjoy its multiple benefits to the body and your psychology. Having found a way to combine the power of nature with the wisdom of science and technology, we provide experiences that will rejuvenate you, relieve you of potential pain, enhance your physical condition and contribute significantly to the quality of life that you deserve.

Classic experiences


● Swimming pool

● Hammam

● Sauna

● Greco-Roman hammam

Therapeutic experiences


● Igloo room

● Salt cave

● Emotional shower

● Steam room

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The Thalasso Pool is one of the best wellness & spa experiences you can enjoy worldwide. OL provides this therapeutic experience of rejuvenation through seaside hotel facilities that support it. The beneficial power of seawater and hydromassage pressure will relieve you of pain, increase blood circulation, remove stress, and tension, and fill you with energy and a good mood.

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Muscle strengthening is vital for recovery after an injury or surgery. Our therapists will suggest a combination of therapies to relieve you of pain effectively, enhance your physical condition and show you the way to a better life full of health, energy and strength.



● Muscle Strengthening / Cross 

   & Functional Training


● Personalised Exercises Program

   Through Diagnostic



● Monthly Fitness Testing

   (Fitness Assessment Test)


● Personal Hydrotherapy

   (Wet Area)


● Personal Hydrogymnastics

   (Wet Area)



● Hand Healing Massage

   (to enhance the vital organs

   balanced functionality)


● Personal Training

   (Therapeutic Exercise)


● Orthopedic Rehabilitation


● Sports Injury Rehabilitation

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Be an OL member today! Discover the magical world of holistic wellness with all your senses, and feel strong and beautiful inside and out


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