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Terms of use and Privacy Policy


This website was created and operates under the care of the company AEGEO SPAS LTD, which offers its services under the following terms of service/ use. The use/ visitor of the pages of this website must read the terms of use and proceed to use the services offered by the, only if he fully accepts them.


1.) Access/ Communication

The company under the name AEGEO SPAS LTD offers to the users of the website e-commerce services. The users can buy products via the use of e-commerce applications in accordance with the special terms dictated by e-commerce, while the company applies measures to protect personal data processed via use of the services, in compliance with local legislation currently in force (Presidential Decree 131/2003, L.2251/1994) and Community Law. The website user accessed the website by typing the domain name in any online search engine, he uses. The existing services and any new services which may be offered by are subject to these terms of use, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

The visitor/ use of the website has immediate access to the communication data of the website, such as the online store’s telephone number and e-mail address, which are displayed under the menu option “Communication”.

Access to the webpages/ services of is free of any additional charge for the user. For the purpose of accessing our website, the user is only subject to the pricing policy for general access to the internet of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the relevant fees are paid to the ISPs on the basis of the agreement between the user and the ISPs.


2.) User registration/ Creation of account

In case the visitor/ user wishes to register in order to use the services of, he confirms that he provides true, and all information related to the data requested by the for access to the contents/ services via the creation of personal account.


2a) Registration (membership)

Upon clicking on the “Creation of account” option, the user must complete the following data in a form: Name, Last name, Business name (in case of legal entities), Sex (male – female), telephone number, address, city, country, region, e-mail address, Postal Code, Password (verification of password). By completing this phase, the client creates his personal account. By creating the account, the client indicates that he wants to receive the company’s newsletter.

2b) The visitor of the website can subscribe in the company newsletter by filling in the requested data in the form which appears by selecting “Newsletter” or as a pop-up window. The visitor is asked to insert his name and email in the relevant form. By subscribing to the newsletter, the visitor will receive newsletter for the products, offers and discounts of the store.


2c) Account creation

By creating an account, the offers members’ services to the users. The user/ visitor, after reading and accepting the terms of use, completes the registration process. He will receive an email verifying the creation of his account and afterwards, he can login to by use of his password and username, which he has chosen to use.

The Members shall take measures so that their accounts are used exclusively by themselves and that no third parties have unauthorized access to their accounts. Members are liable for all actions performed via the use of their account. It is recommended that members log out from their account when they finish using the website. For the purposes of making purchases via the e-commerce applications of, creation of a user account is not entailed, according to the above. Communication language between the company and the client is the Greek and English language.  

Upon choosing to create an account, which includes subscription to the newsletter, the client simultaneously chooses that he wishes to receive newsletter on promotion activities and offers/ sales. In such a case, you have the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter services anytime, by clicking on the relevant option, which is included in the body of the newsletter sent. Otherwise, in case you wish to delete your account, this can be made by sending an email to company. We will take care to delete completely your account in reasonable time. Any data which are entailed for the execution of an order which was placed via the user account, will be retained by the company for purposes relating the performance of the contract until the limitation periods of any claims have expired.

The visitor/ user/ client who has already created an account in, is recognized as registered member/ or registered client. In this case, the client will not have to submit his personal details again to place an order.

For reasons of authentication of the client/ user, the client/ user authorizes to install on the hard drive of the client, a file which is called “cookie”, which is used solely for the authentication purposes.


3.) Order/ Payment

The client places an order in the way described below. Placing the order from the user/ client indicates that the client accepts the terms of sale.


3a) The client who is interested in a product of the website shall follow the procedure described below in order to finalize the order: Click on the icon “basket”, checking of the order details (quantity, price, etc.), and then verifying the selection of the product(s) by clicking on the icon “proceed to checkout”.

3b) The client may choose to place his/ her order as a guest or via the creation of an account. In case you choose to place your order as guests, you must insert the following data in the order form: first name, last name, address, city, region, postal code, country, email, telephone, payment method, delivery method. In case you choose to create an account, you shall provide the following additional data: date of birth, sex. Upon selecting payment and delivery method, the client is asked to finalize irrevocably his order by clicking on the icon/ button “place order”.


3c) Payment

The payment of the price of the product you chose, shall be concluded via one of the following methods, provided by the website and according to your option.


  1. Payment via credit – debit card

You may pay off your order electronically, via the safe environment of the website of EUROBANK, by use of your credit or debit card.


  1. II. Paypal

When you use PayPal, your bank data are never made known to Paypal applies cryptography and protects the number of your card. reserves the right to deny delivery or placement of an order to a client, where a legal dispute is pending.


4.) Delivery time


Delivery in 5 to 7 days which depends on the are you are located at. You can be informed by e-mail about the progress of your order.


Abroad/ Countries other than Greece

Orders to be sent aboad, shall be delivered in 7 to 10 days. You can be informed by e-mail about the progress of your order.


Aegeo Spas shall endeavor to ensure that your order is executed in short time, without prejudice to a delay due to shortfall in products or force majeure. In such a case, we will inform you as soon as possible


5.) Returns/ Replacement


5a) Exclusively in case of defective product or false delivery (for instance, the product has deteriorated or broken inside the package during delivery, or you received a product which is different from the one you ordered), replacement in the product selection is possible, provided that the following conditions are met. The store reserves its right to follow a refund policy exclusively according to the terms below.

You will not bear the replacement expenses of a product in case of false delivery or defective product. In any case, the client can communicate with the store by phone or with the by e-mail in order to arrange the delivery procedure, having the right to choose a different product of equal


5b) The products which are sent back, must be within their original parcel. If for any reason the outer packaging has been lost, you must use any other parcel/ package of your choice, so that the contents of the package are adequately protected.

5c) The product shall be returned with all necessary documents in the same package/ parcel, the client

5d) In case of defective product, the client must communicate by telephone or via e-mail with the webpage (the relevant data is included in the menu section “Contact”) no later than the business day following the date of delivery of the product.


5e) In case of false delivery, you must communicate with use within 14 days from the delivery of the product.

The above do not affect your withdrawal right, which you have the right to exercise within 14 days after the delivery of the product. 


In case the client chooses a new product to replace the first one, the new product will be sent to him/ her, only after the store has received the initial product and checks that all the above conditions are met. It is noted that the product must remain in its original condition (it should remain unused and without any damages).


6.) Refund

The Refund Policy applies to the following cases:

– The product must be in its original package, which was delivered to the client. If for any reason the outer packaging has been lost, you must use any other parcel/ package of your choice, so that the contents of the package are adequately protected.

– The product must remain in its original condition, (as was at the time of delivery) and it should not be

– The client must communicate by phone with the store or via email with the webpage (contact data are included in the “Contact” section on the webpage menu) within 3 days after delivery of the product, in case of defective product or false delivery.

The above do not affect the withdrawal right in case you are entitled to exercise it.

– The product must be sent back with the respective documents which the client received at the time of delivery (receipt, invoice).

Refund will be made within two business days, from the date we will receive the product, by wire transfer to the bank account indicated by the client. The client shall bear the costs of returning the product. 


Likewise, we would like to inform you that you have the right to withdraw under the same circumstances. However the withdrawal right shall not be exercised in the following cases: a) purchase of products which can deteriorate or expire soon, b) purchase of sealed goods which are not suitable for return, for health protection and hygiene reasons, and which were unsealed after delivery of the good, c) supply of goods which are manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or are clearly personalized, d) supply of goods, which after delivery, are inseparably mixed with other items.


7.) Offers and Sales (Discounts)

Sales and their duration are determined by the competent authorities of the Greek Territory and for the time indicated by the local laws in force at the time.

Offers remain valid until exhaustion of stock. Product offers for products which are no longer available for sale, will bear the sign “SOLD OUT/ OUT OF STOCK” over its image/ icon.

In case, a client orders a product which is out of stock, undertakes to inform the client who placed the order, via email thereabout.


8.) Prices/ Shipping costs – V.A.T.

8a) The client will bear the shipping costs, which will be displayed to the client before he concludes his order and after he has provided his postal code, country, and delivery address in the online form.


8b) Prices of the products include the VAT, in force. The prices are calculated in EURO including all other taxes in Greece. If the percentage of VAT changes, the change in the VAT will automatically be included in the price of the products, without prior notice. reserves the right to amend the product prices at any time and without notice. However, the price of products for which orders have already been concluded, will remain unaffected by the change.



9.) Operation of Services

The company has the right to amend or/and interrupt temporarily or permanently part or all the services with or without giving notice to the users/ members. In addition, the company has the right to interrupt the use of the personal account(s) to access its services and/ or to stop providing content to the users/ members, who are believed to have violated the spirit and the letter of these terms of use.

The company reserves the right to amend at any time and without any notice, unilaterally the content and the items included in and refer to the products made available on this website.


10.) Advertisement/

AEGEO SPA LTD does not hold any responsibility for the communication of the user/ member with third party service providers, which are advertised on and for any commercial transaction which may arise from the relationship.

AEGEO SPA LTD does not check/ monitor availability, content, policy on protection of personal data, the quality and the thoroughness of the services offered by the other websites and webpages, which include links or banners which direct the user to the website. AEGEO SPA LTD is not connected with those other websites in any other way.

11.) Seller


11a) AEGEO SPA LTD, under the business name Aegeospas, which has its registered seat in Heraklion Crete and is duly represented by Chnaris Zacharias.


11b) Sale data

Consumer who has full data on delivery address can make purchases.

All products displayed on the webpage are available until they run out of stock.

The products which are no longer available, will be labelled with the phrase “SOLD OUT”.

In case one orders a product out of stock, the undertakes to inform the client who ordered the out of stock product, via email.


12) Copyright

For All contents of the webpage visual or audio, including any underlying technology, images, graphic designs, pictures, texts, offered services, and in general all files of this website, the company AEGEO SPA LTD holds copyright. In addition, all contents of the webpage visual or audio, including any underlying technology, images, graphic designs, pictures, texts, offered services, and in general all files of this website constitute registered trademarks and service marks of the company AEGEO SPA LTD. They are protected under the respective provisions of Greek and community law and the legislation on copyright. As a result, it cannot be object of full or partial sale, copying, change, reproduction, republishing, broadcast or distribution in any way (exclusive ownership of AEGEO SPA LTD).

You are reminded that you have the right to withdraw according to legislation in force: The user holds the right to withdraw from the purchase of a product on by addressing a relevant declaration to the company AEGEO SPA LTD, which has its registered office in HERAKLION CRETE, within 14 days from the date the user receives the products and provided that the products are in their original state.  

The client shall bear the expenses of the return of the product.

Office for consumer protection in the Ministry of Development (tel. line 1720).


13) International Jurisdiction

For any dispute which arises in relation to the transactions with consumers living abroad, competent courts are the courts of Greece.


14) Note

The user acknowledges and agrees that AEGEO SPA LTD bears no responsibility for any interference in the service or any malicious external interference or virus. In addition, AEGEO SPA LTD is free from any liability related to any event which is attributed to force majeure, without prejudice to the Civil Code provisions on “Consumer Protection”)


15.) Privacy Policy

  1. Scope

This Privacy Policy explains the means under which the company AEGEO SPA LTD (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) collects, uses, processes, stores, manages, transfers and protects the personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Information”) through its webpage, so that the data protection standards are met, and the company complies with the law. 


The Privacy Policy which concerns the webpage (hereinafter referred to as “the website”) complies with GDPR 679/2016 (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), which is a binding regulation, and with the Greek Legislation, currently in force.

This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal data of third parties (hereinafter referred to as the “user or/and client”), which (personal data) the company processes on its website as well as through the applications, which are developed by the company and operate on the above-mentioned website. Based on this Privacy Policy, the company undertakes to protect the personal data of visitors/ clients of the website and of the applications which operate through the site.

Especially, the Company provides the user/client with the opportunity to send online message by use of the contact form under the menu section “Contact Us” or at the e-mail


The website  does not aim at underage people. If you are not adults or are not able to conclude legally binding agreements in your country, you must not use this website. If you believe that we have received data from a person who falls under the protection of minors, without getting the necessary parental consent, inform us immediately and will take reasonable measures for the secure deletion of the data.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to information which are collected by any other website or to practices of companies which are outside our control. Please, do note that our website may include links to other webpages.

In addition, it is likely that the website may include links directing to commercials. In case where the client/ user presses on a link which directs the user either to another webpage or to a commercial in the website and he connects to another webpage, then this privacy policy does not apply to any information which is collected by that other webpage. We are not responsible for the policies on the protection of personal data of other webpages and we recommend that you read the privacy policies of every webpage you visit.


In addition, the company states that it is not at all liable for the content of the webpages (to which the user/ client is redirected through other links), or for any other damage, financial or of any other nature, which is incurred by the user following them. The company does not offer any warranty or guarantee that these links will be operating constantly or that their content is always true and accurate. In addition, the external links are indicative and not exclusive or restrictive. The company reserves the right to remove or to add links without notifying anyone and to change the content of the website at any time.

By using this website, you understand and accept that the company is not at all liable for the content of hyperlinks included on the website, the services they offer or the advertisements they contain.

This Privacy Policy reassures that the Company:

– complies with the data protection legislation, as is indicated by Greek and European legislation on the protection of personal data, which is in force.

– protects the rights of users/ clients and visitors.

– reassures transparency in issues related to data processing and storage of data.

– is protected against any threats/ dangers of violation of data protection.


  1. Lawful Basis for processing of data

AEGEO SPA LTD provides e-commerce services with the possibility to purchase products through e-commerce application.

We use the information that we collect for the purpose of executing the commercial transaction between our store and you, as you have requested, as well as for the purpose of providing you information and offers for promotional purposes and for the best possible consumer care/ service and for your information.

For the purpose of informing you about offers, we may analyze your personal data, which you provide to us during navigation on our webpage and which (data) are intended only for reasons related to your transactions with us.

As a matter of fact, during navigation on our website, only the following personal data are collected: data which are strictly necessary for your navigation, for the execution of our trade relationship/ transaction and for the use of the applications/ services which are offered through our website, that would be the “cookies”. Cookies have as their sole purpose the “carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary in order for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide the service”. For more information, you shall read through the relevant Cookies policy on our website.

The Company collects personal data which are essential for the registration of every user/ client, for the creation of his/her account on our website and for the communication with the user via email or telephone.

As a result, AEGEO SPA LTD collects any personal data for the following purposes:

(a) For the performance of the commercial transaction between you and our store, which you have requested and for the sending of information and offers for promotional purposes.

(b) For keeping a personal customer information file, especially in case you use applications offered over our website, or generally for the creation of a customer account. In addition, we process personal data that you provide to us when the communication with our company is made via e-mail or over the phone or even in person (face-to-face), based on personal data that you yourselves provide.

In all the above-mentioned cases, the Company retains the personal data (which you provide to us and which are necessary for the provision of services, which are related to our field of activities.

In several cases (e.g., while filling in the electronic communication form), the relevant legislation indicates the personal data to be collected. So, this personal data are collected by the company in compliance with the law, as well as for the purpose of concluding a contract with each client/ user. (c) In order to improve the offered services and to secure the operation of the service, we use Cookies. You can choose the cookies which may be used during navigation on our website. More information can be found in the Cookies Policy of this website.

The personal data, which you provide to use, is prohibited to be used by any third party (unless the legislation or the competent authorities exclusively indicate otherwise), without complying with the legal provisions on protection of personal data, as are in force from time to time.

The Company operates according to applicable Greek and Community legislation. The company retains your personal data in a secure way, for as long you are registered in any of our services or until you have revoked your consent, in case where you had given your consent to the processing of your personal data. 

In short, the Company asks for and processes only the personal data which are necessary for the processing in question. In any case, the criterion, which is applied to define the period of retention of personal data, depends on the deadlines prescribed by law and the minimization principle, the purpose limitation principle, and the rational management of our files.


  1. C. Personal Data Security

AEGEO SPA LTD applies the appropriate technical, physical, and administrative safety measures during all phases of processing to protect personal data against loss, misuse, damage or alteration, unauthorized access, and disclosure as is provided for in article 32 GDPR 679/2016, so that the appropriate level of safety against dangers is ensured. Specifically, the measures include among others the following, where appropriate:

  1. a) cryptography of personal data.
  2. b) the ability to safeguard the secrecy, integrity, availability and credibility of the systems and processing services on a constant basis.
  3. c) the ability to restore availability and access to personal data in due time, in case of a natural or technical incident.
  4. d) Procedure for regular testing, evaluation, and assessment of the effectiveness of the technical and organizational measures for assuring secure processing. In addition, the company applies measures to ensure that any natural person, who acts under the control of the data controller or the data processor and has access to personal data, processes personal data only on the instructions/ orders from the data controller. The company applies measures to ensure that only its authorized employees have access to your personal information.

Basic parameters of our security program for data include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Before made available online, our company checks the safety and functionality of the products and services for any vulnerabilities in the used technology.
  • Our company constantly checks the infrastructures to identify weaknesses, possible invasions, and other vulnerabilities in its systems.
  • The company uses “https” protocol to ensure secure and encrypted communication with the client/ user.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used to establish an encrypted connection between the web server and the browser of the guest user/ client.
  1. Categories of personal data we collect.

You must accept this Privacy Policy of AEGEO SPA LTD when visiting our website and in order to be able to use any of our services.


In case you use the applications offered via our website and:


  1. a) you register with the services of the website by creating a personal account, you must provide:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Sex (male, female)
  • Company name (applicable for legal entities)
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • City, Country, Region
  • E-mail Address
  • Postal Code
  • Access Code (Verification of access code)
  1. b) you use the electronic communication service which is available through the registration form of in the menu section “Contact US”, you must provide:
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Subject of your email
  1. c) for communication with our company, in relation to products or services or any other issues you need to address, you can contact us at the communication info displayed on our website, at the email address or by phone at +30 2810263700.

The purpose of the communication is to respond to a question – request – complaint or to any other issue, which you have described in your email, letter or by phone.

AEGEO SPA LTD will ask you to provide similar communication data (full name, email, telephone number) in order to provide the above-mentioned services, in case you communicate with the central offices of the company by telephone.

  1. Sources of personal data
  • personal data are collected directly from the users/ guest/ clients of the website and the applications.
  1. Information about the processing of personal data from AEGEO SPA LTD (as a data controller and data processor – according to General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016)
  3. Why are you processing my personal data?

As part of its intended purpose – as is described above-, the company offers services. The categories of personal data collected by the website, via the creation of an account, via email and telephone vary and depend on the purpose of the offered service by AEGEO SPA LTD.

Specifically, the company processes your personal data, which are collected via the above-mentioned ways for the following purposes:

  • To offer the opportunity to purchase products via the e-commerce application.
  • So that the user/ client can register as a member and user of the services through the website, e-mail, telephone.
  • So that the company can respond to requests which are submitted by the User/ Client in relation to the pricing policy of the offered products and services.
  • To ensure that you can communicate with the company about our products and services or about issues you have already raised, or any complaints expressed.
  • To receive and record requests to use the company’s services, as well as to manage these requests and to inform the users/ clients thereabout.
  1. Information which are collected automatically when you visit and interact with the website.

We would like to inform you that your personal data and the information which are collected and processed when you visit our website are appropriate to the circumstances and necessary for the processing of your requests and the use of our service.

  • The Internet Protocol Address (IP) of your computer.
  • The browser you are using and the operating system.
  • The webpages you have visited right before and after your visit on our website.
  • webpages and advertisement you see and connection you establish by clicking within our webpage.
  • basic information about the connection with the server and
  • Information collected by HTML cookies and other similar technologies.

The company does not manage, collect or process Geolocation data (GPS). Such geolocation data ich are collected and processed exclusively by the companies, which supply the operating system of the device you are using (in case you use the IoS operating system, the provider is Apple Inc, or Google Inc in case you Android). The company does not have access to the update position of the GPS.

The Website may use cookies which serve the purpose of identifying you on the website and several services. Cookies is a small piece of data sent from a web server to a browser and is stored on the hard disk of your computer. Cookies will not damage your system and do not affect the functionality of your system in any way. Cookies make web navigation easier for you by storing your settings. You can arrange your browser settings in such a way, that you are informed for the use of cookies in several services of the website or to block the use of cookies.   In case, you do not want the use of cookies for your identification, you will not be able to have further access to the services in question.

Our company will use your contact details – email address and the full name of the user/ client or any other data, for direct promotion of similar products or services, for providing information to the users about application in a pilot phase, as well as to serve similar purposes, unless the user/ client sends a written notice to AEGEO SPA LTD at  or the post address A. Papanastasiou 143, informing our company otherwise.

Access to personal data is strictly restricted to the personnel of the company. Our personnel apply technical and organizational measures to ensure a proper safety level and only to achieve the purposes set. 

The company does not evaluate systematically and extensively personal aspects relating to natural persons, which is based on automatic processing, including profiling.


  1. For how long are you retaining my account data in a file?
  • In case data processing is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interest, the processing and retention of data will last for as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose of the company, as well as for any additional time entailed until the limitation period has expired.
  • In case the personal data of the User/Client (Customer Information File – Profile) have been provided to use by the client/ user himself when registering in the website services, we will keep the personal data for as long as the user does not object or does not exercise the rights conferred upon him/ her by the legislation in force.
  • In case the processing of your data is necessary for the performance of the contract, we will keep your data for as long as you are in a contractual relationship with us either in written or electronic form, and maximum for as long needed until the limitation period of any relevant claims has expired.


  1. What are my rights in relation to the processing of my data?

You can exercise your rights provided for in the Greek Laws and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679), which are the following: a. Right to be informed about the collection and processing of data (article 13 and 14), b. Right to access (article 15), c. Right to rectification, d. Right to erasure (right to be forgotten), e. Right to restriction of processing, f. Right to data portability (to receive your data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format – article 20 if applicable), and g. Right to object (Article 21) as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Agency: .

  • You can exercise the above-mentioned rights free of any charge, by sending a relevant letter to the office of the Data protection officer (DPO) of the AEGEO SPA LTD network: tel. 2810263700 or by electronic mail at the address gdpr@aegeospas.grHowever, if the requests are frequently repeated and their amount causes administrative expenses to the company, then you will bear the relevant cost.
  • Upon exercising the above-mentioned rights, we will take any measure possible to answer your request within thirty (30) days after the we received the request. We will either satisfy your request or we will inform you about the reasons why your request could not be met/ satisfied.
  • Apart from the above, you can object to the processing of your personal data by revoking your consent at any time (article 7 par. 3 GDPR 649/2016), provided that the consent of the data subject is the legal basis of processing.


  1. where do you intend to transfer my data?
  • Your data will be transferred to departments outside AEGEO SPA LTD, which are authorized for the proper and uninterrupted operation of the services of the website and the applications offered on the website.
  • Your data may be transferred and made accessible to legal entities, with which we have entered into contractual agreements to pursue the purposes of our company. Such legal entities include, but are not limited to, hosting / storage/ processing of personal data providers, which are acting as data processors (such as Infosector Ltd, Digital Sapiens, WeTransfer, Microsoft Corp., Google Inc., Dropbox Inc. etc.)
  • As part of several operations of the website, we transfer some personal data of users/ clients to legal entities (Google Inc) via the use of Cookies (such as – including but not limited to – IP address and all the user interaction with the application).
  • For purposes related to the performance of the contract concluded between you and our company, the claims which may arise therefrom, and our obligation to comply with the tax laws, we keep the email address of our users/ clients and other personal data, including but not limited to, first name, last name, telephone, which we may transfer to companies which help us to perform our services. These companies offer an adequate level of protection of your personal data. AEGEO SPAS has entered into written agreements with these companies for the protection of the data. In case you create an account/ subscribe to our newsletter, your data may be disclosed to companies, which help us promote our products and which may send you advertisements and offers from time to time. These companies offer an adequate level of protection of your personal data. AEGEO SPAS has entered into written agreements with these companies for the protection of the data.
  • The data which are collected by Google Analytics, offered by the company Google, are transferred to a Google server, and are stored there. Such data may include the IP address of the user, the actions of the user, as well as the time he spent on each page (retention). In that case, you must give your explicit consent to receive information and promotional material.
  • For more information, see the Cookies Policy of this website.
  • In case of any transfer, we always take measures to ensure minimization of data in pursuance of the necessity principle and that personal data are processed lawfully and fairly.


  1. How can I file a complaint?
  • For any issue relating to processing of your data, you may address to the Data Protection Officer of AEGEO SPA LTD network: tel. 2810263700 and email:
  • In addition, you still have the right to address to the Data Protection Agency to lodge a complaint either in written form at the Protocol Office of the DPA, or electronically by following the guidelines of the DPA, which exist on, after you first address a complaint to the DPO as already mentioned above.


  1. Cookies & other Technologies

The company’s website uses cookies to provide to Users/ Clients information, to execute the services offered via the website, and to improve the level of the offered online services, while creating a safer and more effective navigation environment.

  • The cookies do not contain personal data or information which will allow to anyone to communicate with the visitor of the website, via telephone, e-mail etc. In addition, with the use of cookies, no access to documents or files of your computer takes place.
  • In addition, cookies enable us to watch the performance and traffic of our website, by improving the website’s interface/ display and the content, according to the preferences of our guests.
  • For more information, see the Cookies Policy.


  1. Website safety
  • Access on the website is carried out on the initiative of the Guest/ User. So, the Guest/User is responsible for the protection of his system against viruses or any other malicious software.
  • The software of the website is designed and monitored in such a way that the highest level of security and trust is ensured to the extent possible. All information which are included in the applications submitted through the website are likewise safe and confidential. Only authorized employees, who have received appropriate training in the processing of personal data of users/ clients, will have access to the information and only where access is strictly essential for satisfying your requests and the performance of the contract in question.
  1. Amendments

This policy can be updated from time to time, due to changes in the legislation or in its corporate structure or to the network of AEGEO SPA LTD. Consequently, we urge our users/ clients to regularly check the website, to be informed about current updated in the privacy policy. In any case, the Users/ Clients will be informed by e-mail, which they have provided to us with their consent, or by a relevant warning on our website about the changes in this policy.

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